Sunday, 27 November 2011

Blog Hijack!

Hello All

Since Mr Soup has been rather busy with work (he works in a different city and so spends half the week away from home), activity on the Soup front has been rather quiet of late.

And this has led me (Mrs SoupTuesday) to stage a coup and hijack the blog. (This has mostly been driven by wanting to participate in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap!)

You have probably all gathered by now that Mr Soup is a man of imprecise measures and mostly savoury tastes. I on the other hand am rather more suited to baking - after years working in a lab nothing makes me happier than having a precise recipe to follow, weighing things out to the nearest gram (far better than micrograms!) and assembling complicated structures. Team Soup is nothing if not efficient in our use of talents, so the baking, tricky deserts and preserves fall to me. (Yes, I was the responsible party in all that boiling sugar activity earlier in the year...)

This isn't a complete coup of course - Mr Soup will still be posting most of the recipes as he does the lion's share of the cooking (I'm a very lucky girl!) - but I'll be popping onto the scene every so often with something a little different - most likely sweet - to tempt you with.


  1. Hi Catherine & Dan,

    My cookies arrived from you this morning safe and sound!

    Many thanks!

  2. Hi Bob
    Glad they made it OK!

  3. Hello Mrs Soup Tuesday - this is the Apricot Queen of the Karoo, jam and chutney happily lined up on pantry shelves! Apricot puree in freezer to be transformed into sparkling summer beverage when we go to the farm... Christmas looks and tastes a little different here!

  4. Hi Catherine & Dan,

    My delicious cookies arrived on Wednesday. I wasn't too sure if it was ok to post before the 12th - but here goes! They arrived fine and are delicious!