Monday, 28 November 2011


Some of you may have noticed that there has been precious little activity on the Soup front of late - as the last post (by the radiant Mrs Soup no less) pointed out, I've been busy with work and life and several secret projects which I could tell you about, but then I would have to... well, perhaps I've said too much already...

This was the view out of my window exactly a year ago!
 Anyway, I will be trying to get back to business as usual from this week, but also, the month of December will be CHRISTMAAAAAS month on Soup Tuesday (You have to read that in the style of Noddy Holder to get the full effect) and I will be putting up several Christmas related posts - not least a Christmas pudding, a sweet Christmas soup with gingerbread croutons and some great ideas for presents.

So thinks for sticking with us during the fallow period, but I hope to communicate a little bit of the joy of the Xmas Atmos that I always feel, being a big kid and all.

Me, with Christmas tree.  Look how happy I am!
 And if anyone has any good ideas for christams foods, especially but not restricted to soups, then let me know in the comments box below because I'm always fascinated by other people's little traditions and customs at this most food-filled time of year!

Tomorrow - back to Soup!

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  1. Mr Thomas cooks the Christmas dinner, but I still have to wash up!