Sunday, 15 April 2012

Double Chocolate and Sour Cherry Biscuits

In the absence of the Weekly Bake-Off for a week, I decided to take the opportunity to make some biscuits from one of my other Christmas presents - The Boy Who Bakes' cook book.
I had originally planned to make macarons, but wanted something quick and easy for Friday evening and so settled on the Double Chocolate and Sour Cherry biscuits instead. The recipe was fairly straightforward - both melted chocolate and cocoa go into the batter, making it extra chocolatey, and then chopped chocolate and the dried, sour cherries are stirred in, so the final result is a very chocolatey biscuit with chunks of sour cherry, which compliments the sweetness of the chocolate. The batter is spooned onto the baking tray, and spreads a bit as it's cooking, resulting in beautifully big, lumpy, rustic looking biscuits (I like my biscuits to look like they're full of chunks of chocolate)!

The taste did not disappoint, and I will be making these again. They took less than half an hour to make, and were good enough for any company, so could be good emergency bake, though I'd probably never have enough chocoloate in the house so they would need a trip to the shops! Despite making only half the mix, it made 15 biscuits, and we still have a few left at the end of the weekend (due to extreme self restraint). 

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  1. Sounds like an excellent combination. I would love to try some.