Monday, 30 April 2012

Olympic Food Challenge

It can't have failed to come to your attention that very soon the Olympics will be upon us with its wall-to-wall TV coverage of men and women in un-seemly tight clothes running, jumping and generally showing me up as being the slovenly couch potato that I am (although as I mentioned last week, I am trying to get fit...)

But apart from sitting on the sofa waving a little Union Flag and cheering on Team GB, what else could I do to bring me closer to the Olympian Ideal?  Nothing, or so I thought until I got involved in The Olympic Food Challenge!

A Traditional English Sport, taking place on a non-traditional un-rainy day (possibly)
Run by the lovely Ewan over at the challenge is to sample foods from the 204 countries taking part in the games.  Now obviously, this would kill a person (unless he was Jeff Capes, but this is the Olympics, not The World's Stongest Man) so 11 bloggers split the 204 countries between them (That's 19 countries - more or less - for each blogger, I left the complicated maths up to Ewan) and the idea is to make and eat a meal from each country on our list and blog about it every day for the 19 days of the Games.

At Soup Tuesday, our countries are as follows

American Samoa
Antigua and Barbuda
Cook Islands
Hong Kong
South Korea

Starting on the 25th of July, we will be blogging meals / foods from each of these countries over the 19 days of the games, but until then we will be in some serious research and meal planning (plus trying to find out where some of the countries are)

So I offer a plea to you, my humble readers!  If you or someone you know has ever visited any of the above countries and knows of some amazing dish that is waiting to be unveiled to the wider food blogging world, then please get in touch and tell us about it, and we will have a crack at cooking it.

In the meantime,  pop on over to the Olympic Food Blog to find out about all the other bloggers taking part (why not make friends with them too, possibly on twitter - this thing even has it's own hashtag #olympicfoodchallenge) and also... Go Team GB!


  1. Wow, you got some tough ones! I may have some friends who know about the West Indies ones, I'll ask.
    Australian food is like ours, only served with a pool! I am definitely going to check back - I bet you'll come up with some corking soup or another.

    1. We found some good ones for Australia - Lammingtons for one, and a special, top-secret thing which could just be my favourite food in the whole world!

      Please do check back - there's some amazing food planned!

    2. Oh yes, Lammingtons. I also had a go at making a famous aussie chocolate bar recently, which are my favourite chocolates ever. They turned out quite well, and I blogged them as a guest on an Aussie friend's blog.

      I asked my friend, she is actually Bermudian, but says that stuff like salt fish and chowder are big in that whole region. Not sure if that is as helpful for you.

      I also have a really great South American cook book, but seem to have lent it to someone, but can have a better look if you still need recipes from that region.

      Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. What a fab idea! Suddenly the Olympics looks much more interesting.
    There's loads of great stuff from Korea. One relatively simple but really delicious one is their pancakes, which I've seen spelled various ways (pa jeon? pa'chon?). I made them a while ago ( but there are millions of recipes online.
    And do you know Can be bribed With food? ( She's from Panama. I couldn't see many Panamanian (had to look that up!) recipes on her blog, but you could ask her for ideas.
    China's a great one to get though - suspect the only problem there will be what to choose! Really looking forward to seeing what you make for all of them.

    1. I will check out the blog you mention! Thanks for the suggestions - got some (hopefully) brilliant things lined up, especially for China! Ill be yelling about it when the challenge goes live!

  3. It's great to know you're taking on my country's food!Just one thing to make clear: We're not 'Chinese Taipei', we're Taiwan! (Although the Olympic Committee will deny this)

    Taiwan is an island of incurable food lovers and we have a varied cuisine, influenced by China and Japan. We're most well known for our street food, served in lively night markets. Here are some typical dishes (I haven't tried these recipes, but they give you an idea):
    - Oyster vermicelli (
    - Oyster omelette (
    - Three-cup chicken (
    - Bawan (big steamed minced pork dumplings)
    - Stewed pork with rice (
    And for a post-meal dessert/ drink, pearl milk tea of course (it was invented in my hometown, Taichung)!

    1. Consider it changed! Funnily enough, the recipe I have planned is on the list you kindly gave me! Can't wait...

    2. Yay!!! What is it going to be? Can't wait!