Tuesday, 10 June 2014

World Cup Food Challenge 2014

Are we all excited about the World Cup? Who doesn't love a ball kicking festival?

Well we here at Soup Tuesday HQ are, if we're honest Football ambivalent.  I do enjoy the odd match but I don't go into mourning my team lose. Mainly because I don't have a favourite team.  But there's one thing I do love, and that's food (although you may be forgiven for thinking I'd stopped eating given the lackadaisical attitude to blogging I've shown over the last few months)

Anyway, after the success of The Olympic Food Challenge from a while ago, the lovely Ewan from Tonight's Menu has organised a new challenge  - The World Cup Food Challenge, and guess what, Im taking part.  You can follow the exploits of my fellow participants on the WCFC2014 blog and I'll be posting recipes from the coutries in my group here too (also, if you're on twitter, the official hastag is #WCFC2014 cos we're super high tech here at Soup Tuesday)

My group from the draw was Group C which consists of the following countries

Cote D'Ivoir

I'll be cooking one dish from each country and then additional dishes from countries that proceed through to subsequent rounds.  It's an interesting mix of countries and hopefully I'll have some good dishes coming up.  Don't forget to check back for more, and also check out the rest of the blogs in the challenge.  Oh, also, remember to watch some footie, if that's your bag...

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