Monday, 4 July 2011

Strawberry and Cardamom Soup

I was thinking about whether, in the quest for more variety of soups to write about, I could include any recipes for sweet or desert soups.  Did such things even exist?  And more importantly do they count as soup at all.

A quick search later revealed at least two varieties of sweet soup (and a rather odd Korean soup that is said to be a fertility aid, that has sweet ingredients as well as frog's fallopian tubes - which may well be sweet as well - but the local supermarket was out of them when I stopped by)

So here is the first of two sweet soup recipes, a Strawberry soup, which I decided to put up today as I have just been to a pick-your-own strawberry plantation and am in the middle of making all sorts of strawberry related food and drink (including strawberry liquor!)

Is it a soup, or just a glorified smoothy eaten from a bowl with a spoon?  Why don't you try it on a hot sunny afternoon and make up your own mind?

(Oh, the other sweet soup recipe is a Scandinavian one that seemed so Christmassy that I'll post it nearer December.  If you come across any more, feel free to let me know)

750g Fresh strawberries
500ml Plain, non sweetened Yoghurt
150ml Fresh Orange Juice
100g Sugar
150ml Water
Freshly ground Cardamom to taste

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth, then chill for 20 minutes before serving.  You can garnish with fresh mint leaves, or add some vanilla instead of the Cardamom, although it does make for a nice flavour combination.  Enjoy!


  1. sound slike a smoothie to me but yummy all the same!

  2. I really wasn't sure wether to post it as a soup, but if you eat it from a bowl with a spoon... and it tastes nice too!