Thursday, 9 February 2012

Soupy Birthday!

There's a birthday in the Soup household, and so we are off the the countryside for a few days, weather permitting!  So if this blog is never updated again, it's because we are frozen in a cottage somewhere (Malton, to be precise) and even the warming power of the soup couldn't revive us.

I bet there's more snow and less chickens when we get there
Next week there will be new recipes - Haggis Soup! and another entry into the Weekly Bakeoff and, if you are lucky, some pictures of snow, because I'm sure you will all need reminding of what it looks like!

Also, because we cook, eat and then at least one of Team Soup does the washing up (me - yes, my hands are red-raw with Fairy Liquid poisoning!)  most of the birthday gifts were food related, including...

** A Jam Funnel ** Because otherwise your jam will go everywhere

** Perfect Pies ** Because we love pies, and The Hairy Bikers - about the only TV cooks that seem to enjoy the food they cook, and also they come across as really nice guys.  And did I mention we love pies!

** A Kitchen Blow-torch ** A weapon of mass destruction in my hands probably!

So have a nice weekend and keep souping! (And if you have any ideas for soups you would like to see us do on the blog, or any suggestions, like 'stop blabbering and start cooking' then feel free to drop us  a line in the comments section)


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