Thursday, 31 January 2013

Foodie PenPals January

It's been a few months since I've blogged about my Foodie PenPals parcel, though I have still been participating - preparing a parcel for someone, and receiving one from someone else. It being the new year though I think it's time to start participating fully again, and that means letting the world know about the goodies we've received!

This month my parcel came from Zoe (@ZoeZoef12) - this was her first parcel and she had some really good questions, including what would I eat if I wanted a midnight snack (peanut butter!), which I immediately put into my email to my Foodie PenPal.

Zoe's parcel was full of all sorts of interesting and yummy things. My favourite is probably the peanut butter bars, which have all been scoffed already! Mr Soup loves all things snacky (savoury), and so the Indian snacky things went in the course of a few nights too (I must admit I helped!). We both had to admit that we've never made anything with Bulgar wheat before, and so in true SoupTuesday style a Bulgar Wheat soup recipe was found and made for the very next Tuesday - apparently a soup eaten by brides in Turkey the night before their wedding (or so the Internet says...). We also wanted to try Bulgar wheat as a dish in its own right, and had it as a spiced accompaniment to a gorgeous chickpea and chorizo stew one Friday evening. We are now true converts to Bulgar wheat, and I think I might prefer it to couscous!

The final 2 spicy additions to the parcle were Chilli oil and Harissa paste, both of which we are looking forward to using soon, especially since our last bottle of chilli oil went down very well, and this one looks very chilli!

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  1. This is a nice idea, foodie Penpals..