Friday, 1 June 2012

Foodie PenPals May 2012

Foodie PenPals is a monthly event run in the UK by Carole Anne of the website This is Rock Salt (links for the US and other countries on Carol Anne's blog) where bloggers (and others) are matched up and prepare a parcel of foodie treats for your penpal. Each person sends to someone else, so it forms a long chain of foodie penpals.

This was the first time that I've participated in Foodie PenPals and I am a complete convert - I enjoyed putting together a parcel for someone else, and have so many ideas for future parcels that I just couldn't fit in this month's! It was also such a treat to come home to a lovely parcel of foodie presents, and my penpal this month really hit the nail on the head!

My parcel came from Kay (@KayGG on Twitter - she doesn't have a blog (yet!), but I suspect we might see her soon!). I'd had an incredibly long day, and only got home at 9pm, so seeing a nice parcel on my doorstep was just the lift I needed. Kay had sent me an email earlier to tell me she'd forgotten to put the letter in, and that would come separately, but it was such fun opening the parcel and guessing what each thing was and why it was in the parcel. My parcel included :
- a jar or truly delicious morello cherry jam,
- some local Cornish garlic salt (that Mr Soup is really enjoying adding to soups
- A farmers market cookbook which is going to be so handy with all the local fresh veg on offer in Yorkshire
- some gorgeous lemon meringue fudge (yummy!)
- beautiful teeny macaroons made by Kay (colour me incredibly impressed!)
- a bag of Percy Pigs (which really hit the spot one hungry afternoon).

I've included a picture of my lovely presents, though there are a few bits missing due to having been eaten! Like most of the macaroons and fudge and all of the Percy Pigs. (oops!)

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  1. Sounds like a great parcel, and I'm very impressed with the macarons too! They look delicious.