Saturday, 30 June 2012

Foodie PenPals June

I can't quite believe it's the end of June already. This year is flying past, and this month in particular seems to have disappeared leaving me with the odd sense that I must have done stuff, but with no idea what!
This month I managed to get my Foodie PenPals parcel off in time, rather than having a mad dash at the last minute, and I hope my pen pal enjoyed her things (her post is up here if you want to see what I sent). The parcel I received arrived well before the due date, and was absolutely packed with things! As with last month's parcel it's given me some ideas for thing to put into my next parcel.
Look at all those goodies!

Teresa had shopped with both me and Mr Soup in mind, so there were some lovely savoury things - a chilli grinder which has gone straight into my nicely (recently) organised spice drawer; a box of barley groats, together with a recipe for a soup/stew using them (incorporating 2 of Mr Soup's favorite things - beer and beef, so it'll definitely get made!), some vegetable pate which will probably get cracked open to have with crackers this weekend when we're doing our regular Buffy/Angel marathon.

For me there were some dinky silicone cupcake cups (still to be used), vanilla pods (Mr Soup got very excited about these - I think creme brulee might be in our future...), some cherry liquorice (tasty and unusual - I think I prefer the taste of normal liquorice but have been wanting to try cherry liquorice since seeing Walter on Fringe munching on the stuff). Pineapple and papaya mix - which will be making it's way into a cake fairly shortly, probably as a substitute for candied peel as a variation. A carob/seedy/hemp energy bar which kept me going through a long day, and a strawberry and pepper chocolate bar, which was a very different treat - I've had chilli chocolate before and this balanced the pepper bite, sweet chocolate and slightly sour strawberry taste very nicely. I would recommend!

And finally some homemade granola, which went really well with yogurt, in Mr Soup's smoothies, and mixed in with my morning oats - it was gone in days!

Teresa also sent me a recipe for a lemon-curd sponge which has gone onto my list of things to bake (which seems to be getting longer rather than shorter even though I keep making things!)

I really enjoyed unpacking my parcel and can't quite believe how many things Teresa managed to fit in - Mr Soup and I were really spoilt! 

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  1. Homemade granola sounds delcious! - I love the idea of a foodie swap!! x